Monday, August 22, 2011

UCLA football assistant coaches get a pay cut

Pool of money for salaries has dropped from $1.8 million to $1.645 million since Rick Neuheisel become coach.

Salaries for UCLA football assistant coaches have dropped since Rick Neuheisel was hired as a coach.

Bruins coaches will receive a total of $1.685 million in base pay this season, according to information obtained by the times through a public records demand. After Neuheisel was hired in 2008, Athletic Director Dan Guerrero improved the pool of money for assistant coaches from $1.625 million to $1.8 million.

The Coordinators Mike Johnson and Joe Tresey will be paid $250,000. The low end is shifty line coach Inoke Breckterfield, who will receive $110,000.

The junior coach pay does not include the $500,000 takeover paid to offensive coordinator Norm Chow, who was fired in January and hired by Utah.

Quarterback roulette

Quarterback Kevin Prince was a near shoo in to win the job a third successive season and has been exclusively with the first team since guidance camp began, but concerns about his passing game efficiency have narrowed the gap between him and Richard Brehaut.

Both are continue to make mistakes that frazzle Neuheisel.

Cornerback concerns

Tresey is confident that cornerback Aaron Hester will be able to get well from a hamstring injury suffered in Saturday's scrimmage before the Bruins play Houston.

Still, it exposes a depth issue at that position. Jamie Graham is out at smallest amount a month after knee surgery. Anthony Jefferson is out awaiting at least October after back surgery.


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